Unfinished Business

As a creative I am immensely critical of my own work, especially my personal work. There are those pieces you pick up and put down, pixel push for months on end driven by the firm belief that its not quite finished or does not fully capture your original intent. Today I am sharing with you two of those such pieces in their unfinished state.These were designed as 20x30 posters to be printed on canvas as part of a series exploring vintage style illustration, anatomy, texture and geometry.

The first image contains a tessellation of my logo re-creating itself, positive space elements extracted from the flower of life form from which my logo was derived, and phases of the moon.

The second image relies more heavily on textures to support its form and again contains the positive space contained within the flower of life form. 

I will continue to push and pull, add and subtract from these images until I feel they are just right at which time they will claim a place in my design portfolio. Until then enjoy them in their unfinished state.