Iphone Photography

As a major believer of the axiom "The best camera is the one you have with you." first espoused by world renowned photographer Chase Jarvis I wanted to briefly discuss the philosophy and share with you some of my recent favorite images shot and edited exclusively on my iPhone.

Smart phones, and the iPhone in particular have been gaining momentum as a creative tools since their inception. Within the last several years there have been many creative professionals who (initially as a proof of concept) have used the iPhone to complete high end commercial assignments. There was the case of the artist Jorge Colombo who used his iPhone to create a digital painting of times square that graced the cover of the New Yorker in 2009. Photographer Lee Morris shot a fashion spread that was featured on fstoppers using only his iPhone 3gS. In 2010 the cover of Macworld magazine was shot using an iPhone4 by photographer Peter Belanger.

The release of the iPhone4s (and its droid counterparts) with its upgraded sensor, faster lens, and improved imaging software it is increasingly evident that this phenomenon is here to stay. While any creative professional should buy the best equipment he or she can afford, they should never feel limited by this equipment. Individual creativity, talent, and vision are a far more valuable asset than any piece of equipment you own.

While I have not (yet) used the iPhone for a commercial assignment it is a critical tool in my creative process for documenting, brainstorming, note taking, sketching, concepts, etc.

Some of my favorite image editing apps for the iPhone are Snapseed, Pro HDR, and Chase Jarvis' own The Best Camera.

Enjoy, and rest assured there will be more iPhone photography posts to follow.